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Race Leagues

For more information just click the link above and you'll soon be part of the great fun Adult Ski Leagues have all winter long!
Ski & Snowboard Area Race Leagues
Some Minnesota Ski Areas also have their own race leagues for adults, teens, and children. You can find out more information on these areas and their race leagues by visiting their websites from our Ski Areas page.

For more than 20 years, the Twin Cities Independent Ski Areas Association (TCISAA) has sponsored the Media Ski & Snowboard Series at each of the member-areas within the Twin Cities.

Enter the Media Ski & Snowboard Series

Ski Like the Pros
Experience Racing With The Ski Challenge
  • Racing at Buck Hill, Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area, and Wild Mountain
  • Fun for Racers of all ages
  • Challenge your friends, improve your skiing
Racers like Bode Miller, Julia Mancuso, AJ Kitt and Kristina Koznick. If you ski you have seen the pros displaying their skills and you may have wondered what it would feel like to be in their boots. If you have ever wanted to compete like these elite skiers and feel the adrenaline they feel as they explode out of the starting gate, then its time to treat yourself to the experience offered by the Ski Challenge.

Skiers who join our league are given the opportunity to experience the thrills, chills and spills of a real racecourse. The Ski Challenge organizes recreational skiers into race leagues similar to tennis, golf, or bowling leagues. Each league consists of 10-16 teams with ten members per team. The league series includes seven weeks of racing. A handicapping system compares each individual’s time, on each of two courses, to the pacesetter's time on the same run to determine a handicap. The better of the two handicaps is used for individual and team scoring. As an individual, you are compared to others in your gender and age group throughout all of the leagues, while teams are ranked in each league from week to week.

There are 15 leagues to choose from at Buck Hill, Hyland Ski and Snowboard area, and Wild Mountain. Skiers race on the same league at the same hill for the entire seven week league series. The Ski Challenge offers leagues for racers of all ages, check the website for adult and all age leagues.

You don't have to be an Olympic caliber racer to take part in one of our leagues. With more than 1800 participants expected this season, The Ski Challenge accommodates a wide variety of racing abilities. The average age of members is 36, but don't let that scare you away if you are younger or older. The Ski Challenge has participants ranging from 4 years old to 86 years young. There are participants who have never raced before along side skiers with high school, college, and even pro racing backgrounds.

As far as equipment is concerned, almost anything goes. Some racers take the plunge and wear the tight, sleek racing suits. Whether they should or shouldn't!. Others prefer to stay a little warmer and fly down the course in their jackets and snow pants. Helmets aren't required, but seem to be a growing trend for racers and free skiers alike. There aren't any commitments to buy new equipment right away, but if you join it probably won't take long before you have the bug to get the latest and greatest equipment. Ski Challenge sponsor shops can help equip you with the right gear to lower that handicap!

Anyone who participates in The Ski Challenge quickly discovers a new appreciation for skiing locally. Over the years the Ski Challenge has uncovered some of the best recreational racers in the country. If you want to test your skills further, your Ski Challenge races count toward your national ranking in NASTAR and you could even qualify for nationals.

If you are interested in racing but have never attempted it before, or if you just want to get your racing legs back, the Ski Challenge will be offering preseason leagues in December at Buck Hill and Wild Mountain. This is a great chance to get some gate practice and try out a Ski Challenge race.

The Ski Challenge has room for both teams of 10 and individuals looking to get on a team. Go to www.skichallenge.com or call at 952-894-9220 for more information.

One last word of warning for those interesting in joining. Once you race with The Ski Challenge – it's really hard to quit!